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Are you married, single, divorced, stressed, a parent, rich, broke, and UNHAPPY about it? Are you suffering from unhappiness and don’t know why? It’s time for a change, right?

Life reVision can help you learn to be happy regardless of where you are in your life.


The NEFLUB Solution

Life reVision is not your usual personal development company. Most of the others only scratch the surface of your pain. Our goal is to eradicate unhappiness at the root eliminating it for good.

We accomplish our goal with the use of our exclusive process called the NEFLUB Solution. All of our products and services incorporate this technique to finally get your lasting results you’ve been waiting so long for.

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Who We Are

Life reVision is a Happiness Transformation online school that specializes in emotional healing. We believe that emotional blocks are the source of most negativity in your life including career conflicts, relationship issues, debilitating fear, financial struggles, and weight problems. Life reVision will guide you to reVise your life’s story to one of peace and happiness. You have creative control!

What We Offer

We provide a variety of services and products that will fit all needs such as courses, ebooks, webinars, and live events. reVision offers private coaching sessions for laser-targeted support to heal the issues that most concern you quickly. We also provide personality assessments and essential oils consulting for emotional balance.

Founder and Chief Happiness Facilitator, Della Smith, created all courses, events, and the NEFULB Solution.

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Featured Audio Course

Breaking Self-Sabotage Online Course  $27

Have you ever found yourself interfering with the positive parts of your own life? Do you sometimes feel that you are on a mission to be unhappy? The more you row your boat in one direction, you keep finding yourself moving in the opposite path.

In This Course, You Will Learn:

  • Learn what self-sabotage really is.
  • Learn more about the conscious vs the subconscious mind
  • Learn how self-sabotage negatively affects your life.
  • Learn how to finally banish self- destructive behaviors for good!


Life reVision’s coaching has changed my life in a profound way. I highly recommend working with Della. She is firm but fair. I can’t express my gratitude enough for what you’ve done in my life. I am a better, happier mom and wife.

Michelle S.

At-Home Mom & Entrepreneur

I was having problems in my marriage due to unexpected financial issues. Taking the Fear Course helped me to realize things I’ve never thought of before. My marriage and my finances are better now because I see everything differently. Thanks Life reVision for your powerful insight.

Sandra J.

Project Manager

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Personality Tests & Quizzes

Do you like takes personality tests and quizzes to see how accurate they are? Coming in June 2016, you will be able to take interactive personality assessments covering topics such as intelligence, career, relationships, lifestyle, attitude, and health. Explore the possibilities.


Life Coaching Services

Emotional Transformation CoachingExperience the powerful life changing certified coaching covering topics that are keeping separate from the life you want.

We specialize in General Life Coaching and Life Purpose Coaching

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Smell Your Way to Happiness

Essential oils for emotional balance

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Essential Oils Consulting

Stress AwayLearn how incorporating Essential Oils into your life can magnify the joy your feel in your life. It aids in balancing emotions, lifting your mood and other health benefits. Life reVision is a Young Living Distributor providing access to the purest Essential Oils on the market today.

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List of Essential Oils for Emotional Balance

forgivenessSince Life reVision specializes in emotional transformation, We believe essential oils may be a great enhancement to your journey of peace and joy. We’ve provided a list of Essential Oils that helps with Emotional Balance.

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